You can install the geoBORDER garden edge yourself. Installation is easy and quick. Use our tips, read the detailed instructions on how to make a band around the tree or how to make a flower bed. Don’t miss our tutorial videos.


The rim can be placed flat with the surface so that it is invisible.

Krawężniki ogrodowe w prywatnym ogrodzie

geoBORDER finishes surfaces made of cobblestones, granite. The choice of edge height depends on the height of the paving stones.

The edges are attached to the ground with plastic anchors. For 1 meter, 2-3 geoPIN 24 or geoPIN 18 anchors (length 24 cm or 18 cm) are sufficient. If you are making a arc or circle, use 4-5 anchors for each edge.


Galvanized nails can be used for surfaces as hard as clay, broken stone.

Choose your geoPRODUCT

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