geoBORD edgings are made of 100% recycled plastic, which is flexible. Thanks to this, you can make bands from them and arrange the garden in an interesting way.

Step-by-step assembly of the tree ring

Prepare the necessary tools: geoBORDs, the spikes, hammer, cutters and a pad.

Cutting the bottom of the edge shelf we can set any shape and curves.

Connect the edges putting one on another. Strike the fastening with a hammer.

Put a ring from edges around a tree. Mark the position with spikes.

Use a shovel to cut away the edge of your beds.

Lift the edge and choose the turf.

To prevent overgrowth of weeds under the tree, lay off landscape fabric.
Place the edge of the designated circle. Hammer the spikes.

Finish off the ring under tree with bark or aggregate.

The final result.

See video

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