geoBORD edgings are an excellent alternative to concrete curbs, wooden fences and palisades, having the advantage over them that they become completely invisible, thanks to which we obtain a natural look of the space we arrange. Edges work well both in the garden and in public places.

Step-by-step installation of the edging at the paving stone

See the video


  • The substructure under the pavement should extend approx. 15 cm beyond the edgeline
  • Edges must be installed directly on the substructure, not on the subcrust
  • Consider the difference of the paver height and the substructure. Edge should reach below the pavement surface-pavers will settle after compaction
  • After cutting the base of all edge sections, you can form both inner and outer curves
  • The edge can be installed after pavement construction, but only before surface compaction

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