The thickness of the substructure depends on the purpose of the surface, usage and local conditions. It guarantees stability of grid and load resistance. It also prevents surface deformation. On less permeable soils (e.g. clay), substructure should be approx. 20 cm thicker.

Step-by-step assembly instruction

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Błędne wypełnienie geoSYSTEM

Cell walls must be completely filled with gravel or grass. Protruding grid structure could be damaged mechanically.

While setting out surfaces with varied shape, trench banks may be reinforced with geoBORDER rims, installed with a 3 cm gap from other elements.

Eco grids are made of plastic that due to its properties stretches in high temperatures and shrinks in low temperatures – 5 cm gap should be maintained between the grid and other surfaces or objects fixed to the substructure, e.g. parking post (dimension stability +/- 3%). The gap must be filled with sand.

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