Road plates are ideal for use for temporary construction entrance roads, temporary parking lots or hardening of difficult surfaces. Very durable, resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to their low weight, they can be moved to another location without special equipment. Made of 100% recycled plastic.

How to choose the right model of the plate?


What should be done before laying the plates?

Before laying the plates, the ground should be leveled. Roots, stones, etc. should be removed. In the next stage, depending on the type of soil, a sub-base should be considered:

– no sand bed is required for permeable soils; the pavement should be shaped lengthwise and crosswise and compacted. 

– in the case of soft, boggy soils, make about 10 cm of 0-32 mm gravel subbase.

– in the case of impermeable soils, the pavement should be graded and then a layer of coarse sand should be applied and compacted. This is a necessary procedure due to the potential for damage to the plates and safety of use. 


If the terrain is swampy, boggy, or muddy, it is helpful to use a road geotextile (such as Dupont Typar SF49) as a soil stabilizer for the road slabs.
The geotextile additionally protects the plates from getting bogged down in mud. The laid plates must not be limited in any way – the pavement must be able to expand and contract freely as a result of temperature differences (this is due to the properties of the material- plastic expands at high temperature, shrinks at low).

Choose your geoPRODUCT

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