ROAD SYSTEM plates are very easy to install. They do not require a foundation, it is enough to place them on an even surface. In case of marshy or wet terrain, it is recommended to use a geotextile (eg Typar SF49). The large surface of the slab enables the laying of large surfaces in a short time.

Step-by-step assembly instruction

To connect the plates, special fasteners are used, which are fixed with two screws, one on each side. They were designed taking into account the free space for expansion and contraction of the boards. Dilation is necessary due to the properties of the material from which the plates are made – they expand at high temperatures, and shrink at low temperatures.

The plates have been designed on both sides, so they can be arranged in two ways – for pedestrian traffic with lower insets upwards or higher for wheel traffic. The surface of the plate intended for vehicle traffic provides excellent traction and eliminates the problem of accumulating mud.

The plates can be joined together in a classic way, alternately – shorter sides with longer ones or tracks for the wheels.

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