ROAD SYSTEM 400 plates are the strongest model, which can withstand loads of up to 120 tons. The temporary pavement will prove useful as an access road for construction sites, for the installation of wind farms, as well as for ensuring traffic continuity during oversize transports.

The plates are equipped with 12 holes that allow the plates to be connected using dedicated fasteners or steel hooks. It is recommended that the plates be connected at all times. If the ground is not too hard, steel hooks can be used. In sloping areas, additional fasteners can also be used on the sides.

The plates can be used by mounting as wheel straps alone or by joining classically. The plates can also be joined alternately by connecting with steel hooks.

Step by step

Restrictions and recommendations

1. Use of the plates is only permitted for vehicles weighing up to 120 tonnes.

2. The permissible speed for driving on the plates for the total duration of their use is 10 km/h.

3. The plates must not be used as a ‘footbridge’. – must be in direct contact with the ground under the entire surface.

4. The passage of tracked vehicles is only permitted forwards and backwards at low speed.
It is advisable to lay down rubber mats for the duration of the drive so as not to damage the surface of the plates.

5. It is recommended that health and safety regulations are observed during installation.

6. Periodic inspection of the condition of the plates and connectors is necessary.

7. Shovelling snow from the plates is allowed with a plough equipped with a rubber boot.

8. The plates can be cleaned with a pressure washer or a hose and brush.

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