Mix of grass species for geoSYSTEM


  • Grass surfaced parkings
  • Residential parking lots
  • Airport - airstrips
  • Trackways
  • Fire roads
  • Berms
  • Landscape borders
  • Driveways
  • Animal protection
  • Golf courses
  • Campings
  • Paddocks

Designed by Hortnas, geoGRASS mix is made specifically for geoSYSTEM grids. It contains various grass species, which perfectly balanced, maximise the growth process of plants and turf.

Sow at: 20 – 25 g/ m2

Lolium perenne – quick growth results in early sodding, which provide protection for other, slower germinating species. Lolium perenne will result in your lawn getting green quickly. It grows rapidly after mowing or damaging. High agrotechnological requirements. Requires intensive nitrogen fertilization, especially during sodding. Sprouting period: up to 7 days.

Festuca rubra – low-maintenance, drought resistant and good for infertile soil. Extensive, underground stolon system results in better turfness. Tolerates shade. Do not need a lot of mowing. Sprouting period: 14-21 days.

Festuca rubra comutata – Shortages resistant. Tufty root system fills in the turf in between the stolon system of festuca rubra. Tolerates shade. Low maintenance and low soil requirements. Sprouting period: 14-21 days.

Festuca duriuscula – Frost-proof, shortage resistant, low growing grass, does not require a lot of mowning. With the use of extensive agrotechnic will improve hardness of the turf. Very small, acicular, decorative leafs. Highly resistant on soft, sandy or degraded soil. Wintergreen in favorable conditions. Sprouting period: 14-21 days

BOX: 0,9 kg/ Approx.40 sqm
BOX: 5 kg/ Approx. 200 sqm
BOX: 15 kg/ Approx. 600 sqm

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