Most suitable for traffic:


  • Temporary roads

geoSYSTEM HD 50 is the perfect solution for temporary roads and paths. This grille is the only one that is 100% built-in, which makes it more convenient to use, especially in pedestrian traffic.

  • Dimension: 410x410x50 mm
  • Cell wall height: 50 mm
  • Cell wall thickness: 8 mm
  • Sheet size: 6 pcs.
  • Weight: 3,25 kg/ pcs. 19,5 kg/ 1 sqm +/-4 %
  • Material: PP PE 100% recycling
  • Colour: Shades of black
  • Dimension stability: +/- 3% (from -30°C to +50°C)
  • Durability: More than 17 years
  • Environmental impact: Environmentally sound and groundwater neutral. This product is acid, leaches (street salt, acid rains, ammonia etc.) and alcohol resistan

With our products we provide unmatched quality, safety and durability.
geoSYSTEM HD 50 is a new product, free from physical and legal defects, which complies with all EU Regulations and is covered with 2-year manufacturer warranty.
Our well experienced engineers, use of sublime materials and cutting-edge production technology guarantee that our customers receive products of unrivaled reliability and longevity. With geoPRODUCT you get ultimate quality and design.
In an unlikely event of having problems with our products, you can contact our specialized team, which will assist you in resolving any issues. With our products we provide unmatched quality, safety and durability.

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