Grass mix for slopes


  • slopes
  • drainage ditches
  • retention tanks


Seed mixture for places reinforced with a geoSYSTEM S60s slope grille

Recommended for dry positions – decorative lawns, sports grounds, on the slope and river embankments.
The presence of reed fescue, deeply rooted in the ground root system and the ability to grow well in changing humidity conditions, provides a succulent turf on light, dry and organic soils, excessively moist.
It creates a deep root system, densely growing into the soil. The highest drought resistance also on light mineral soils, recommended for organic soils.
It requires, especially during the formation of the root system, very high doses of nitrogen fertilization (150-200 kg of nitrogen in the pure component per hectare in the season).

The composition of the mix:

Perennial ryegrass 20% – rapid emergence will cause early sodding and thus provide protection for longer-germinating species. Rye grass will give the desired (quick) greening effect. Quick regrowth after mechanical damage or cutting. High agrotechnical and fertilizing requirements – requires increased nitrogen fertilization, especially during turf formation. Sunrise period – up to 7 days.

Fescue 65% – Very interesting grass due to its ability to withstand periodic flooding (flood embankments) and drought resistance on light, mineral soils. Flooding resists thanks to the air-filled spaces that are in the plant structure. Drought resistance is achieved thanks to a very intense root system, deeply growing into the soil, obtaining water and nutrients from depths inaccessible to other grasses. Sunrise period – up to 21 days.

Meadow grass 15% – Low, loose grass with short, intensely overgrowing underground runners over the top soil layer. It creates an even, strong, compact turf resistant to trampling and low mowing, improving the quality of every lawn. Provides so-called carpet effect of a soft, compact lawn. Is a very perennial grass, has a long vegetation period, often evergreen. After sowing, it develops and spreads slowly. Ill tolerates shading. Recommended for both dry and wet positions. It develops best on light, humus, fertile, moderately moist soil. Sunrise period – up to 30 days.

We get about 35 sq m of lawn from a kilogram of the mixture.

  • Fire Roads performance: not applicable
  • Factory production control: Crop certificate

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