lawn substrate for ecogrids


  • filling of the ecogrid geoSYSTEM
  • addition to the substructure



A well-kept, lively green lawn is a showcase of every garden, house surroundings or parking lot. Proper care, selected grass seeds and an appropriate substrate are a guarantee of success. In order to enjoy the energy of green, giving a sense of aesthetics and harmony, you should choose the right products. Due to the fact that the conditions in the lawn grids are particularly difficult, they should be filled with the right substrate.
As a result of a series of studies and tests, we recommend:
– to fill the grid – intensive lawn substrate ST – fraction 0-5 mm
– mix into the carrier layer – 30% intensive substrate SI – fraction 0-16 mm


The substrate is based on volcanic rock, the highest quality low peat excavated from the bottom of the lake and purified garden compost. All raw materials are prepared for the production of the substrate in advanced technological processes, in which they obtain appropriate granularity and flowability. Each ingredient is regularly tested in the laboratory.

A good quality substrate must not contain demolition bricks, field soil or ash bedding substrate due to the risk of chemicals, mortar quicklime, asbestos, other demolition contaminants, weeds, too much fertilizer, biocides, operating fluids from agricultural machinery.


The grid should be completely filled with the substrate, sprinkled with water (possibly additionally kneaded mechanically) until the substrate settles down about 0.5 cm below the edge of the grate.

Sow the grass and cover with an additional layer of substrate to fill the grid just above the edge. Pour water abundantly (but do not drown) and do not allow the substrate to dry until the grass grows.

The substrate will automatically thicken to the proper thickness. Alternatively, you can drag a board or a batten across the surface of the grid so that the aggregate fragments do not rest on the grille walls.

Maximum consumption of substrate to fill a 5 cm high grid (after compaction): 1 cbm/ 16 sqm
Maximum consumption of substrate to fill a 4 cm high grid (after compaction): 1 cbm/ 20 sqm

  • Weight: ≤ 900 kg/m3 (dry)
  • Material: Aggregate of volcanic origin, natural porous aggregates, low peat, compost
Shipping: 1 cubic meter/ big-bag
Trolley: 16-18 cbm
  • Fire Roads performance: Fire resistance class: BRoof (t1)
  • Factory production control: The product fully complies with the guidelines for green roof substrates according to FLL recommendations
  • Declared parameters:: The volume of the mixture calculated by the method of determining the bulk density in accordance with PN-EN 12580
  • Certification grounds: admitted to trading by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development by decision no. P-737/18 of 07/02/2018

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