Stabilization of crushed stone


Creation of an original band along the fence, which not only looks aesthetically and naturally, but above all prevents spreading of stone on the pavement.


Thanks to its technical properties, the geoSYSTEM G25 grid perfectly fit into this implementation. The height of the grid of 2.5 cm allows economic use of the gravel and the innovative construction of the notches guarantes stability. After removing the old stone, the area was leveled, and then geotextile was applied, which prevented the overgrowth of weeds. Holes were cut in the grid which allowed planting vegetation. The last step was to fill the grids with stone, which additionally increased its strength.


The goal has been achieved. The surroundings of the house became his showcase, it looks modern and harmonious, it is easy to keep clean. Undoubtedly, it invites guests with its charming character, and also raises the admiration of passers by its simplicity and functionality.



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