Ecological parking at the company


In Nowe Miasto on the Warta, under a thriving company, a parking lot for employees needed reinforcement. The modernly designed office building and the company’s surroundings favored the use of innovative and ecological materials.


It was decided to harden the surface from a very durable grids. In the area of 1000 square meters, a water-permeable breakstone foundation was made, which was mechanically compacted. The geoSYSTEM G5 max grid was laid, thanks to which the area gained the strength of 450 tons / sq m. The whole structure was filled with aggregate, and geoMARKER parking markers were used to separate the parking spaces.


The implementation was in 2017. The car park is in perfect condition after four years of operation. Parking spaces are used daily. Even after heavy rains or spring thaws, the water seeps into the ground and no puddles are formed.


geoSYSTEM G5 max

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