Embankment in Poznan’s City Centre


Hill of Przemysl is a green enclave in Poznan’s Old Town with plenty of beautiful, old tress. To keep its natural character a grass surfaced embankment was designed. Initially the surface was to be covered with geogrids with the wall height of 20 cm.


It later turned out that it was impossible to lay these geogrids on the sloping embankment. The project was changed and initial geogrid was replaced with geoSYSTEM S60s embankment paving grids, which was easier to work with on demanding conditions. The grid was attached to the land with the use of geoPIN anchors, which are perfect solution for sloping lands.


The hill was reinforced and the area around Przemysl II Castle well landscaped. A beautiful lawn in The Old Town of Poznan was created and its grass is protected from wear, rutting and smearing.


geoSYSTEM S60s


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