Forest Runway


At the end of September 2014 a forest landing strip in Annow was put into operation. The modernization was run by Skanska company and had started at the beginning of May 2014 with a renovation of Golabki forestry runway.


The surface of the 500 meter long and 36 meter wide runway was covered with 18 000 square meters of geoSYSTEM G4 grid, which evened and strengthened the strip. The grid was filled with humus and grass.


The airport has maintained its natural character, while the surface was leveled and able to resist deformation and dislocation.




The Executor: Skanska S.A., Investor: Golabki Forestry.

SEE VIDEO Watch the runway construction step by step video and check how 18 000 square meters of geoSYSTEM porous paving have been laid and sown with grass.

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