Grassy car park and fire road


The ST_ART Piątkowo apartment building was built in a charming district of Poznań, slightly removed from the centre, where one can find a lot of green areas. It was therefore necessary to construct a car park and a fire road that would not disturb the landscape.


Nickel Development sp. z o.o., as one of the leaders on the real estate market, took care to make the pavement from ecological and environmentally friendly materials. They opted for geoSYSTEM G4 grids, whose biologically active area is as much as 88%!


A grassy car park and a fire road made of geoSYSTEM grids were created, making the building’s surroundings look natural. Almost 1,500 sqm of green water-permeable paving provides respite for residents as it does not heat up, unlike paved car parks.



Nickel Development sp. z o.o.

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