Green parking lot at the University Sports Center in Toruń


In the years 2011-2013, there was a need to create an eco-friendly parking area for cars at the University Sports Center (UMK) in Toruń. This important project aimed to provide suitable parking spaces for both employees and users of the Sports Center.


To meet these requirements, innovative solutions were chosen. Parking spaces for employees and Sports Center users were made using a grid made from eco-friendly materials. This material, which is environmentally friendly, was used to create sturdy and durable parking surfaces.

Grass was planted on these surfaces, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing landscape. The combination of grass with elements of this modern grid not only ensured an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the parking area but also allowed for better absorption of rainwater, which is significant from an ecological standpoint.


Implementing this solution brought many benefits. The grid made from eco-friendly materials reinforced the parking spaces, which is particularly important for areas with heavy usage. Additionally, it is water-permeable, contributing to a reduction in the formation of puddles and issues with rainwater runoff.

This eco-friendly parking area now serves various groups of people visiting and using the UMK Sports Center. It provides not only a convenient parking space but also an environmentally friendly solution that aligns with the concept of ecological development. Thanks to this project, Toruń has gained a modern and environmentally friendly area that meets the needs of Sports Center users while caring for the protection of the natural environment.

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