Parking and Fire Lane at Uphagen Manor House


The primary goal of the investment in Uphagen Manor House was not only to improve the infrastructure but also to actively engage in the revitalization process of the local neighborhood. With the growing popularity of the Manor as a leisure and meeting place, there arose a need to create appropriate parking spaces and a safe fire lane. This investment was also intended to serve as a tool for uniting the local community and encouraging collective efforts to preserve the beauty and history of the area.


Uphagen Manor combines modernity with heritage. To achieve these goals, the decision was made to use innovative geoSYSTEM G5 max grids, which provided an excellent solution for reinforcing parking spaces and the fire lane. These grids not only ensured functionality and stability but also contributed to the creation of a unique design that harmoniously integrated with the character of Uphagen Manor. This minimalist and modern approach contrasts with the historical architectural elements, creating a distinctive atmosphere.


The result of these actions is not only a perfectly reinforced space but also the transformation of Uphagen Manor into a creative center in the heart of Gdańsk. By offering guests a wonderful place to relax, the Manor simultaneously becomes a source of inspiration for efforts to preserve heritage and highlight the beauty of the area. Previously, these grids were also used in locations such as ARCHE S.A.’s Palace and Farm House in Łochów, Castle in Janów Podlaski, and Arche Hotel Częstochowa.

Used products

geoSYSTEM G5 max


Arche S.A. TRAKT Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

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