Amphitheater and parking lot in Supraśl


In Supraśl, the expansion of the market square and Kościuszko Square, where a car park was needed, were planned. It is planned to build an amphitheater that would serve the residents and tourists as a place of recreation and organization of events. The investment also provided for the creation of pedestrian and bicycle paths.


The strongest 5 cm high grid was used – geoSYSTEM G5 max. The resulting ecological surface in an area of 2,200 sq m gained a strength of 450 tons / sq m. Thanks to the water-permeable foundation, rainwater will seep into the ground, and the entire surface will be in line with the natural character of the area.


In the fall of 2016, the inhabitants saw the opening of the amphitheater, which was accompanied by a performance by the famous disco polo singer – Zenek Martyniuk. Fans came in great numbers and could admire not only the performance, but also the effect of the reconstruction. A convenient car park was created and the surroundings of the amphitheater were strengthened. From now on, motorists will not have to worry about a parking space when going to the center or to the nearby beach. The modernized square has become a showcase of the city.


geoSYSTEM G5 max

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