Pavement under a carport


In Baranówek near Poznań, in the area of activity conducted by the Foundation of Mr. Smoleń, which deals with hippotherapy, a wooden shed required strengthening of the surface.


It was decided to use the durable and quick to install geoSYSTEM HD 45 grille, which was laid on level ground with a 3 cm thick layer of ballast sand. In the next step, the grilles were covered with sand. In this way, weather-resistant, ecological and durable surface was created.


Due to the lack of necessity to prepare the foundation, the use of geoSYSTEM HD 45 grates allowed to make the surface in a short time, which is undoubtedly an important advantage of this system. From now on, the carport is functional, you can park your car, tractor or trailer without worrying about unevenness or mud accumulation.



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