Protection against erosion


The shop located on a high altitude required the reinforcement of steep surface surrounding it in order to ensure protection against erosion, but without interfering with its natural character. The intention was to obtain durable surface, ensuring good conditions for the development of plants.


Slopes were reinforced with geoSYSTEM S60s grids. Thanks to their construction and size of openings, eco grids prevent the accumulation of water. The grids were easily adapted to the form of the terrain, with additional reinforcement in the substrate in the form of geoPIN.


The escarpment located next to the shop was reinforced, which prevents landslides. Thanks to their construction and the size of openings, eco grids disperse raindrops, thus limiting soil leaching process and additionally they enable free growth and strong rooting of grass. Thanks to natural filling they are also invisible on the reinforced surface.


geoSYSTEM S60s

geoPIN 24

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