Protection of the forest road


Uneven, sandy and unpaved forest roads pose a significant logistical challenge when logging trees. Trucks often have problems with wheels stuck in sand and mud, which slows down and hinders the removal of timber.


The use of road slabs for the temporary hardening of the pavement turned out to be an excellent solution in this situation. The plates were laid without the use of heavy, specialized equipment, thanks to which the assembly was very quick. The plates are made of recycled plastic – the weight of one plate is 37 kg. During 8 hours of work, a team of two people can lay a road of up to 500 meters with a width of 3 meters.


The access road and the yard for storing wood were paved. The optimal width of the road was achieved thanks to the possibility of alternate panel assembly. After the works are finished, the temporary surface can be easily dismantled and placed elsewhere. As a result, ROAD SYSTEM boards have proven to be an economical and convenient solution.



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