Reinforcement of slope in front of the Dino supermarket


Terrains surrounding supermarkets require special treatment. Dino constitutes here a good example as due to its location in the immediate vicinity of a slope, it required a special solution. In order to preserve green character of the area, the design included sowing the escarpment with grass.


geoSYSTEM S60s grid dedicated for escarpments was applied on the steep slope, which could be easily adapted to the differences in landform. The grid was fixed to the substrate with geoPIN anchor bolts which, thanks to their appropriate width, perfectly connect the edges on slanted surface.


Escarpment next to the Dino supermarket was reinforced and thanks to this operation, the land does not slide into the parking and areas belonging to the building located below. Reinforcement of the slope as well as the development of land around the supermarket also enable the creation of beautiful lawn resistant to enhanced pedestrian traffic and changing weather conditions.


geoSYSTEM S60s


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