ROAD SYSTEM plates on the beach


Sandy beaches are quite a logistical challenge for water rescuers. Where every second counts, there is no time to waste with the wheels of rescue vehicles bogging down. They were looking for a way to harden the surface that would be easy to install and perform well in coastal conditions.


A quick solution turned out to be the laying of ROAD SYSTEM 125 road plates. The plateswere connected by the longer side, resulting in sufficient lane width – 1.8 m. Apart from leveling the ground, no ground preparation was necessary. The grooves on the surface of the plates provide excellent grip for the wheels.


The laying of the plastic road plates was done in no time, so the services could start work without delay. ROAD SYSTEM plates for temporary pavement reinforcement are the perfect solution in such a case – after the season is over, all you have to do is unscrew the bolts and dismantle the road.



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