Słoneczna Polana Sailing Center

Słoneczna Polana Water and Land Sailing Center required specialized land development. Due to complicated surface of the marina where the yachts are launched, resistant surface was necessary. What is more, in order to enhance its functionality, green parking area had to be separated. As the sailing center constituted a leisure facility, the decision was made to implement the solution which would not interfere with the natural beauty of the surrounding space.

geoSYSTEM G5 max eco grids were applied on the recreational area. The surface intended for the launching of yachts was reinforced to 450 tons/square meter. Parking spaces were determined, separated from strictly recreational grounds. The grids were sown with grass in order to maintain natural aesthetic qualities of the area.

Ecogrids filled with grass which were applied on the area increased its resistance by reinforcing it as well as enhancing its aesthetic and functional qualities.

Restudio Jacaszek Architects

geoSYSTEM G5 max

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