Slope reinforcement

Strengthening the slope with geoSYSTEM


Shops and galleries are very often visited places. That’s why you should always take care of the good looks, functionality and safety of their surroundings. To preserve all these features, a scarp was designed near the IKEA furniture store, covered with nice-looking gravel.


The sloping surface is covered with geoSYSTEM S60s. It is an innovative product that can be easily arranged even on heavily uneven terrain. The grid is assembled using the clamping method and fastened with geoPIN anchors, which perfectly stabilize the newly formed surface.


Tasteful look of scarp in a modern style effectively separates the road from the shop hall. Thanks to the use of our products, it has been possible to obtain a solid enhancement of the slope with a small amount of work and financial resources. In short: simplicity, aesthetics and functionality.


geoSYSTEM S60s


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