Sustainable Garage Driveway


The garage driveway was covered with sett bricks, which no longer met the requirements of the owner. The colour of the surface was off and it required plenty of maintenance works.


The old, sett surface was removed and replaced with geoSYSTEM G4 plastic paving grids. The access lane and its edges have been reinforced and filled with white, decorative pebble. The berm has been soiled and sown with grass.


The renovation resulted in a completely redecorated driveway which is modern, elegant and does not require shoveling as the snow squeezes in between the pebble. The berms are green and can withstand car wheels load.




See the make-over of a private property driveway and garage surroundings. Check how sett brick is being replaced with water permeable surface. Connecting green lawns with white pebble creates a modern and elegant look.


geoSYSTEM porous paving grids are easier to clear out of snow than sett bricks. Car wheels will simply squeeze it in between the gravel filling. You do not have to shovel it.

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