Temporary Access Road for Photovoltaic Farm Construction


The contemporary world, characterized by a growing population and dynamic technological development, challenges us to seek alternative energy sources. In this context, new technologies are gaining popularity, and the construction of photovoltaic farms is becoming increasingly common. One of the key challenges related to their construction is ensuring adequate access for heavy equipment necessary for the installation of the system. This applies primarily to cranes used to transport transformer stations. Building a traditional access road can be time-consuming and expensive, which hinders the efficient implementation of the project.

Solution – plastic road plates

Modern technological solutions come to the rescue, such as ROAD SYSTEM plastic road plates. These lightweight and easy-to-assemble elements provide the necessary strength and stability, allowing safe passage of heavy equipment.

Advantages of plastic road plates:

Strength and resistance to mechanical damage
Low weight – easy to assemble and disassemble
Lower costs compared to traditional solutions
Quick and efficient construction of a photovoltaic farm

The use of plastic road plates allows for the quick and cheap creation of a temporary access road necessary for transporting heavy equipment. This shortens the project implementation time and reduces its costs, which translates into higher profits for the construction company and more favorable conditions for the client.


Plastic road plates are an innovative and effective solution to the problem of a temporary access road for the construction of a photovoltaic farm. Their use ensures quick and trouble-free implementation of the project, while reducing its costs. This is an important step towards popularizing photovoltaics and building a more ecological future.


Economy: A cheaper solution compared to building a traditional road.
Efficient construction of the farm: Faster transport of the crane and other machines.
Ecological aspect: Less impact on the natural environment compared to traditional road construction methods.

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