Temporary protection of the surface in Kielce


At the beginning of 2021, the reconstruction and modernization of the Teatr im. Stefan Żeromski in Kielce. First, two outbuildings were to be demolished. The challenge was how to remove 3.5 thousand. m3 of debris from the city center and not damage the pavement. The investment is planned for more than two years, and the works were initiated with the preparation of access roads.


Critical places were secured with ROAD SYSTEM road plates. The boards were arranged very efficiently by an experienced construction company. Thanks to the possibility of alternate assembly, the panels could be easily adapted to the arches and narrow streets.


Trucks with a tonnage of nearly 40 tons, moving around the Kielce promenade many times a day, did not damage the surface. Recycled plastic road slabs have served their purpose – they have secured access roads as temporary protection. After completion of the investment, the disassembly will be very efficient, due to the design of the connectors – just unscrew two screws. The boards will be able to serve the next investment.



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