The ecological environment of a private property.


The owner of a private property faced the challenge of landscaping the area around his house. He wanted to create an entrance to the property and driveways to the garages, but he definitely did not want to concrete these surfaces. His priority was to find an environmentally friendly solution that would not only meet his functional expectations but also be environmentally friendly.


The owner opted for an innovative approach and chose to reinforce the surface using the geoSYSTEM G40 grid. Before starting the installation of the grid, the foundation was carefully prepared. A permeable surface was created, which was crucial to maintain the environmental aspect of the project. The geoSYSTEM G40 grid was filled with aggregate, creating a durable and stable surface.


The result of the work met the owner’s expectations. The strength of the applied geoSYSTEM G40 grid, which can withstand up to 300 tons/sqm, ensures that the entrance to the property and the garage driveways are not only functional but also resistant to heavy loads. Even during intensive use, the surface looks perfect.

The greatest achievement of this eco-friendly solution, however, is that rainwater immediately soaks into the ground, eliminating problems with puddles and water stagnation. The property owner is very satisfied with the achieved effect, which translates into the cleanliness and aesthetics of his surroundings.

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