geoSYSTEM grass protection grid is made of recycled plastic compound, which makes it very elastic and hardly breakable. Special interlocking system guarantees continous and firm surface. Our first product was digged in the ground in 2005 year, therefore we declare minimum durability counted from that time. However, the material decomposes for years, hence the durability is very long.

geoSYSTEM Reinforcement grid is black, therefore completely invisible once put into the ground unlike the green grids, which have different shade than grass and are always easily noticeable.

Irregular shape of the opennings in geoSYSTEM grids allows the surface to „breathe” when the temperature fluctuate.

geoSYSTEM car park grid can be used everywhere, whether it is a huge investment or a private garden, it will work perfectly. The exact applications for each of geoSYSTEM grids can be found here.

The percentage of surface which is considered biologically active is reliant on the amount of compund in a square meter of grid's surface. Due to the fact that the surface is partialy covered with the plastic construction of the grid it can not be considered biologically active in full. Let's take the geoSYSTEM G4 grid as an example. 12% of its total surface consists of recycled plastic, meaning that the remaining 88% can be accounted for biologically active.

Yes, proper site preparation is the key to a successful installation. The substructure guarantees the surface is stable and weight resistant. Once the substructare is appropriately tamped and leveled you can be assured that the surface will resist deformation and dislocation under truck load.

The substructure should be matched in realtion to geological conditions in a given area. It should be evaluated by an engineer and specified in the construction design.

Yes, it is neccessary when you want to make curves or match the dimensions.

They can be pruned with an angle grinder, blade or even garden shears.

GeoSYSTEM paving grids can be cleared of snow with the use of snow shovel, but it should be held a few milimeters above to surface not to damage the grass or scatter the chipping. If the grids were used to reinforce the car parks or driveways and are filled with gravel there is no need to shovel them as the cars will push the snow in between the gravel.

It limits the amount of square meters of biologically active surface, which have great positive impact on our environment. Every green area or even a simple object serve a great purpose for city's air. geoSYSTEM paving grids can increase the amout of green areas in the city, limit the air pollution, absorb acoustic waves and manage water control.

The best way to maintain grass is to use HORTNAS fertilizer. It contains an increased amount of phosphorus, therefore it helps the grass spread and positevely influences the expansion of roots. The large amount of potassium improve the winter hardiness of plants as well as their resiliance to fungal diseases.

The amount of aggregate needed to fill the eco grid can be calculated from the formula:
area in sqm x grid height x free grid area

For example: surface of 10 sqm, with geoSYSTEM G4 - 4 cm grid height, 88% free area, basalt filling:

10 sqm x 0.04 m x 0.88 = 0.352 m3

1 m3 of basalt weighs about 1.7 tonnes

0.352 m3 x 1.7 t = 0.59 tons

For 10 sqm of geoSYSTEM G4 about 600 kg of basalt aggregate is needed.

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