geoSYSTEM Paving Grids

Natural alternative to flagstone, sett bricks, and different kind of concrete based surfaces.
  • parking places, parkings
  • Bike paths, campings, green paths
  • parking places, parkings
  • Embankments reinforcement

ROAD SYSTEM - road plate

The perfect solution for temporary roads and parking lots
  • Parking spaces, parking lots
  • Camps, recreational areas
  • Temporary access roads


Green Roofs - The Future of Sustainable Construction
  • Housing Construction
  • Public Utility Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings

geoBORD Edging System

Successor of concrete curbs, wooden hurdles or palisades. Allows an original arrangements.
  • Flowerbed
  • Tree borders
  • Invisible curb

Accessories geoPRODUCT

Comprevensive landscaping with geoSYSTEM products.
  • Grass and fertilizers
  • markers and anchor bolts

Choose your geoPRODUCT

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