geoSYSTEM Paving Grids

Forget about concrete. Stay Eco.

ROAD SYSTEM - road plate

An innovative solution for temporary parking lots, roads and squares.


(Polski) Zielone dachy - przyszłość ekologicznej architektury.

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We provide ecological plastic systems whose main task is to strengthen the surface and develop the green space. Our innovative solutions are a natural alternative to concrete based products, which are commonly used all over the world.

geoPRODUCT user-friendly systems feature remarkable durability and stability, which are confirmed with tests. We care about environment, therefore all our products are manufactured solely with recycled materials, which are environmentally compatible and resistant against any atmospheric conditions.

since 2001
first border geoBORDER
> 5 mln
geoBORDER in your gardens
since 2005
first grid geoSYSTEM
> 5 mln qm
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Manufacturing with recycled material

Polish product

Polish product

Designed and manufactured in our factory

Technical approval

Technical approval

Construction product with the National Technical Assessment of IBDiM

What set geoPRODUCT apart?


At every step of the process

From production to implementation, we feel responsible for what we make. All our products are made from recycled materials, which are environmentally friendly and resistant to any weather conditions.


Versatile application possibilities, easy installation.

Our innovative approach is what makes us stand out. We focus on simple, yet intelligent solutions, which make our products durable, but easy to install.


Long-lasting warranty.

We conduct all necessary research to confirm that our products are remarkably durable. Our systems can withstand many years of intensive, high traffic and high load use.

geoPRODUCT offer


Biologically active surface.

Road plate ROAD SYSTEM

Temporary ground stabilization

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