geoSYSTEM S60s grids are dedicated to special tasks. They are perfect for sloping terrain, slopes, ditches or the banks of ponds.

The grilles are mounted to the ground with anchors by placing them in special pockets.

The amount of anchors should be adjusted to the slope of the terrain and the degree of exposure to erosion. We recommend that you fasten the grids in the top row with two anchors placed in the outer pockets in each grid. In subsequent rows, it is enough to hammer one nail per grid.

Depending on the type of soil, the grids are nailed with geoPIN 24, geoPEG 38 or 50 cm or metal nails.

The 24 cm long geoPIN anchors can be used to fix the grids on normal soil (not sandy, not hard).


The 38 or 50 cm long geoPEG plastic anchor is used to attach the grids to the ground in sandy areas.

25 cm long metal nails are best used on a clay or rocky surface.

Step-by-step assembly instruction

Grid mounting

Possible filling

Strengthening the ditch

Thanks to the use of grilles, the problem of landslides, and thus clogging of the drain, has been eliminated.

See the video


  • Grids must be installed on an even and clean native soil (no substructure required)
  • When filling with stones, we recommend installing geotextile under the grid to prevent weed growth
  • On small slopes modules can be fixed with 24 cm plastic anchors (38 cm or 50 cm on sandy soil). On hard or clayey terrain or larger slopes, anchoring with corrugated steel rods is recommended
  • At the top of the slope, modules should be anchored every 0.5 m (4 anchors per 1 square metre). On lower parts of the slope, 2 anchors per 1 square metre are enough
  • We recommend covering grass slopes with agrotextile (17 to 23 g/m2)for the time of seed germination to accelerate grass growth and ensure protection against birds
  • To reinforce the slope, choose the geoSANDY grass mix with extended roots, suitable for sandy soils and flooded areas
  • It is best to sow grass or fit plants in spring or early autumn

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