Perlite for a beautiful lawn in geoSYSTEM grids – why is it so important?

Perlite is a natural volcanic mineral characterized by its porous structure. It forms as lava expands, and upon sudden heating, its moist grains expand, creating characteristic internal bubbles. This makes perlite extremely lightweight with excellent drainage and retention properties, making it a valuable soil component, especially in horticulture, for soil improvement and plant cultivation. 


When creating a grid-patterned lawn, we face a unique challenge, especially in urban areas where every piece of land is precious. Establishing a healthy and beautiful lawn can be difficult, so considering the use of perlite as a key filling component in grid patterns is worthwhile.

Perlite can positively impact the success of your lawn in the following ways:

  1. Improved drainage and aeration: Perlite, with its porous structure, facilitates excellent water drainage from the soil. By adding it to the soil in grid patterns, you prevent issues like waterlogging, which can lead to root rot or fungal diseases.
  2. Maintaining optimal moisture: Perlite acts as a moisture reservoir, helping soil in grid patterns maintain the right moisture level crucial for healthy grass growth. Plants won’t suffer from excess or lack of water.
  3. Supporting root growth: Perlite creates ideal conditions for grass roots, allowing them to develop freely, resulting in a dense and healthy lawn.
  4. Reduced soil weight: Soil weight in grid patterns is important, especially in urban projects. Perlite, due to its lightweight nature, helps reduce soil mass, which is convenient and practical.
  5. Lawn in challenging terrain: Perlite is particularly useful in difficult terrains such as driveways, parking areas, or fire lanes, where maintaining a beautiful lawn can be a challenge. Its drainage improvement, aeration, and moisture retention properties create ideal conditions for a grid-patterned lawn.

How to use perlite? The optimal amount of perlite in soil depends on various factors such as soil type, climate, humidity, and grass type. Typically, it’s used in a quantity of 10-20% of the soil volume. However, you can adjust the proportions based on observation results.

In summary, perlite is a valuable soil component that can help create a healthy and beautiful grid-patterned lawn, even in challenging urban areas. Its ability to regulate moisture, improve drainage, and create conditions for grass root development makes it an invaluable tool in horticulture. With perlite, a grid-patterned lawn can be both aesthetically pleasing and healthy, perfectly fitting into the urban environment.

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