Airfield Bialystok – VIDEO

In 2018, the airport in Krywlany was completely modernized. The runway was paved with asphalt concrete, while the road shoulders were reinforced with the airport grids geoSYSTEM L4, covered with soil and sown with a special geoGRASS grass mixture. A plate for turning of airplanes, taxiways, aprons and a runway of 840 m by 160 m was built. A total of 43,000 sq m of eco grids were laid out throughout the facility.
The investment has significantly improved the technical infrastructure, it serves not only passengers, but also border guards and emergency services. The use of the geoSYSTEM L4 airport grids has preserved the natural character of the landscape, the green of the grass harmoniously harmonizes with the adjacent areas, the surface is durable and prevents rutting.

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