Driveway in sustainable green house

Ecological solutions are not only waste separation and the use of energy saving bulbs. With such a rapid development of technology plays an important role as a well-designed building and used in the solution. An example of a modern and sustainable home can be created near Pszczyna Typical House. The house optimum is not only the building itself, it is also its surroundings. Therefore, the driveway was reinforced with grass grid geoSYSTEM G4, and was then filled with grass

Succesful architect, unconventional form, fit almost any plot, the ability to modify distribution facilities, energy efficiency – it features a really interesting house, built according to the design of one of the most famous Polish architect Robert Konieczny. Individual Typical House was built in Pszczyna, he has already earned fame among architects and investors due to the innovative form and function to measure future. Driveway lined with eco geoSYSTEM grid G4 and sown grass. The result – the driveway, which merged into the surroundings. It was created eco-friendly parking, fully water permeable.

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