At the horse farm in Złotniki near Poznań, it was decided to strengthen and level the run for horses using ecological materials. Strength, speed of assembly and innovation have determined the choice of the most favorable method of hardening the area.


The latest product was used – the self-supporting geoSYSTEM F40 grid. The biggest advantage of using this system was the arrangement of the gratings without preparing the foundation, which significantly accelerated the installation. Geotextile with a basis weight of 100 g / m2 was spread over the even surface, and then the grids were placed with the covered side down. The material from which the grids are made is 100% recycled, harmless to the environment and neutral to groundwater.


An even and stable surface was obtained, thanks to which the exposure of horses to problems with joints was minimized, as pits were not formed. The resulting surface is 84% biologically active – rainwater seeps into the ground and no mud is formed. The applied solution is safe for animals and significantly improved their comfort and living conditions.



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