Grassy access to the garage for a disabled person


The owner of the private property wanted to strengthen the access to the garage using an ecological product that would preserve the natural appearance of the surroundings. The most important aspect when choosing the right solution was the convenience of using the ramp by a disabled person using a wheelchair.


The surface is made of 100% recycled geoSYSTEM grids. The G4 model was used, with 49 meshes with dimensions of 7×7 cm. Grids were placed on the substructure, covered with good-quality soil and sown with grass. The constructed driveway has gained over 250 tons / sq m.


The green surface fits perfectly with the adjacent garden, maintaining the harmony of the space. Thanks to the construction of the driveway on a water-permeable foundation, during rainfall, water seeps into the ground and no puddles form on the surface. This is especially important due to the wheels of the trolley that do not get stuck in wet turf.



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