Motoarena Grass Surfaced Parking


In 2010, Motoarena Toruń – a cutting-edge Speedway Stadium – was put into operation. The stadium features 600 guarded, 1350 unguarded and 12 bus parking bays. It adds up to a significant area, which covered with concrete, would have created a large, impermeable and biologically inactive surface, therefore a different solution had to be used.

Executor: STRABAG Sp. z o.o.


The Stadium does not need this many parking bays on a daily basis, therefore it was decided by the architects that a fraction of the parking space will remain green and water permeable. This is where geoSYSTEM S60 grid with its weight bearing capacity of 300 t/m2 was used.


14 000 square meters of surface were covered with geoSYSTEM S60 porous paving grids, which allowed the surface to be filled with soil and sown with geoGRASS grass mix. This extra space is used as a parking lot during events, while serving a decoration role on a daily basis.


geoBORD 58


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