Oversized Transport at Night

Transporting large and heavy wind turbine components presents a significant logistical challenge, the success of which depends on precise planning and adequate preparation. Before embarking on the journey, it is essential to carefully determine the route and obtain necessary permits. Due to the enormous size and weight of the turbines, standard roads are insufficient, so special preparations and securing measures must be taken for the path.

One of the key issues is navigating through narrow turns that cannot accommodate such a large load. To ensure a safe passage, special solutions such as robust plates like ROAD SYSTEM 400 are used. These plates are designed to withstand heavy loads and maintain stability during turns. Additionally, lighter plates like ROAD SYSTEM 125 or ROAD SYSTEM 200 can be used to protect road surfaces, sidewalks, and other infrastructure elements during transportation.

It is worth emphasizing that utilizing these innovative solutions not only ensures protection during transportation but also benefits the environment. These plates are eco-friendly and reusable, reducing the amount of generated waste. Furthermore, their portability allows them to be used on different routes, regardless of location.

Below, we present a video of a nighttime transport operation where we employ our plates.


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