Pond bank reinforcement


Unprotected embankment can be very difficult to maintain. As a result of heavy rain or erosion the land may slide and damage the surface of an embankment and its surrounding area. In this case pond banks were exposed to water and were destabilizing the land structure.


Sand-surfaced banks of the pond were strengthened with geoSYSTEM S60s embankment grids, which prevented the banks from sliding. Large cells of the grid allowed it to be filled with grass and also larger plants, which give the landscape more varied look. The grid is compatible with geoPIN fastening pins, which can be used to stabilise the surface. The lower parts of the banks, used by pedestrians, were covered with geoSYSTEM S60 paving grids and filled with hummus. The hummus was then mixed with grass seeds and after few days sown in the cells. At the end, the entire surface was covered with agrotextiles to protect the seeds from being scoured and picked by birds.


After 3 weeks the whole bank was covered with fully grown grass. The mix of grass that was used does not require a lot of moaning, so the maintenance is no longer a problem. The land is now still and stable.



geoSYSTEM S60s

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