Water permeable driveway


The idea was to create the driveway leading to the garage which, instead of having a discouraging and heavy look, would fit in with the idea of ecological functionality. In order not to interfere with the aesthetics of the surrounding area, the solution consisting in reinforcing the area in order to prepare it for the specific function was planned. Placing the driveway at the back of the garden constituted an important aspect taken into consideration during the realization. According to the plan, the surface could not damage or reduce garden space optically.


geoSYSTEM G3 ecological lawn grid was installed on the foundation prepared in advance. The entrance strip as well as waysides were reinforced. Grid filling was chosen in order to match the aesthetics of the surrounding area as well as the function that the surface was supposed to serve.


The obtained result has met all initial requirements and expectations. The entrance to the garage has become modern, aesthetic and functional. The waysides are green, but at the same time protected against car wheels. Snow-clearing is not necessary in the winter – the snow gets inside the stones.



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