Stone rim in ecogrid


The owners of a private property decided to reinforce the substrate around the house, at the same time ensuring its natural look. The area around the property required a functional solution, which would also match the arrangement of the entire housing area.


The installed eco grids have formed a functional and natural rim around the property. In this way, the surface became reinforced, without interfering with its water permeability, essential in the vicinity of concrete surfaces. The applied G5 max grids were filled with aggregate, ensuring unique character of the area surrounding the property.


Such solution revived the space and created the surface which makes it possible to get rid of excessive rainwater easily. The terrain reinforced with geoSYSTEM gained additional function – thanks to G5 max it may also be used for example as temporary parking slots. It all perfectly matched the character of the entire housing area.


geoSYSTEM G5 max

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