A biologically active fire road


A luxury hotel in Świnoujście, situated on the seafront, required a fire road. Due to the coastal climate, it was decided to use durable and environmentally friendly materials.


The foundation was made of water-permeable layers, and then geoSYSTEM G5 max grates with a strength of 450 tons / sq m were placed. The gratings were filled with soil rich in minerals and a special mixture of grasses – geoGRASS, which was adapted to the harsh conditions of the grate, was sown.


The fire road made of eco-grilles meets the legal requirements, allowing access by fire protection units at any time of the year. Hardened surfaces have a positive effect on air humidity and temperature, and suppress acoustic waves. The geogrid surface also serves as a temporary stopping place.


geoSYSTEM G5 max


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